Learn More About Our Program

Learn More About Our Program

At Half Pint Academy, we are dedicated to providing your child with what they need to get ready for kindergarten. Our attentive, dedicated and amazingly talented teachers have a varied yet well-grounded curriculum that includes:

•Sign language
•Numbers and shapes
•Fine and large motor skills

We offer two classes that provide similar learning activities for children. During the day, the children will receive a hot lunch, as well as two snacks to get them through the day. To make sure they are always happy and healthy, our lunch menu is designed by a dietician to meet their nutritional needs.

The staff at Half Pint Academy wants to keep you involved in your child's experience at our child care facility in Clinton, NY. We can work around your schedule to give you feedback so that you are always in the loop as to what is going on with your child's care and development, as well as with our child care center in general.

At our child care center, we provide your child with the tools needed for success in kindergarten and beyond. Contact us today to find out more about our program!