For anyone looking for a GREAT pre-school, look no further! Two of my three Children who are now 31 and 30 and my granddaughter who is now 14 all attended Half Pint and LOVED it! My grandson is 3 and is attending this Month.....would not consider another place! Miss Kathy and all the teachers are dedicated and just plain AWESOME!

Barb G.

Love Half Pint....kids are all grown up and doing great because they had a good start.

Beth G.

Awesome Teacher & Staff! Thanks for the great education for my children!

Sue H.

To a parent/guardian who is looking for the best childcare and/or preschool for their child:

It is no easy task to determine who should be trusted to take care of your child, the person who matters to you more than anything else. The teachers at Half Pint Academy did much more than just "take care of" our son; they educated him, taught him how to make friends and treat others, and they developed a smart, polite boy who is well prepared for entering Kindergarten. Our son loved Half Pint and so did we. But we didn't always know that would be the case.

When I was trying to find childcare for my son, I spent a lot of time considering different options: Day care? Preschool? Free Universal Prekindergarten? Nursery school? In home babysitter? He had never been to child care before and we were scared. We thought it would be such a long day for him to endure, with such an early start. We worried about what would happen if they didn't feed him, or if he wouldn't eat what they fed him, what if other kids were mean to him, what if the teachers were not nice when parents weren't around? What if they don't pay attention to him? What if the other kids model behaviors we don't want in our home? It was a terrifying prospect: sending the person we care about more than anything else, to a place without us, with people we didn't even know?! The fears seemed endless.

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